Is your Insurance Company Short-changing Your Personal Property Claim? A Professional Contents Inventory Can Help.

Claim Experts helps support your claim by creating a professional inventory of your damaged or destroyed personal property, even if your home or business was completely lost.

To maximize your cash payout, proper documentation of your loss is essential. Insurance companies must pay legitimate claims within the limits of the policy, but often reject or discount claims due to lack of specific documentation. Don’t let that happen. You’ve paid your premiums for years, if not decades — it’s your money!

We help you collect the replacement cost value you are entitled to by creating a comprehensive itemized inventory, assigning a value to each item, and calculating appropriate depreciation. Armed with our loss report, you’ll be in a stronger position to make your claim.

Claim Experts provides personal property support services only. We do not represent policyholders to insurance companies. If you need professional representation, or help with other coverages  (dwelling, additional living expenses, etc.), we can refer you to a licensed public adjuster.

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